Politics: Media Bias and the need for smaller government.

I watch C-Span and-and take in what is actually being said in the House of represents, the Senate, and other direct broadcasts of government meetings. I listen carefully to the words they say. I listen to all sides. I listen to them speak on behalf of their home districts/states. Then I watch the Left and Right in the media only hear what they want to hear and cherrypick what they show. This is an unending process.

Recently I heard one side screaming over the removal of a federal regulation they said was helping protect certain wildlife in specific parts of the country. What they failed to say was the people representing these areas, already had state and local laws in effect to protect said wildlife. They were doing what they could and using state and local law, to do what they thought was best for their state, without federal government oversight. They just wanted to room, to do what was best for their state. Was this mentioned in the news? Nope.

Stop asking for more rules to be made to enforce rules local areas already have. We need SMALLER GOVERNMENT. Wake up! State rights are greater than Federal. What works for your state, doesn’t always work for everyone else. We can’t cry we all want individual freedoms while trying to force the whole country into one mold. If you want some change that works for you, get up and be active in your town, your city, your community and help enact laws that work for your community.

Are there possibly some exceptions to the rule, where towns and states, might need some government help? Sure. However, overall we are suffocating over population, with repeating federal regulation, bogging down local rules we all already have. IF you don’t have the rules or protections you want in your state then… Get up and do something about it, and stop asking big government to do something about it! Don’t they have to too much power, already? Aren’t they making our Republic into a Circus already? Stop giving them more power to fix stuff, that may not even work for you, and may break us more. It’s time to get involved, and make local and state changes and stop asking big brother to do it for you.